Shimmering Staffa


We walked up to the Cruachan (Cruachan Treshnish) the other day.  It is a lovely walk up from Treshnish along the shoulder of the hill beyond the Black Park.  From Haunn it is more of a sharp climb but it isn’t far!  The weather was totally gorgeous and the light on the sea looking down past the Isle of Staffa to the Isle of Iona was just magical.  Have a look on the Treshnish website blog for more.


Shian Treshnish Mull Cottages blue cardoon garden

The Treshnish vegetable garden is over the old wall from Shian‘s garden. Our garden survives on neglect most of the time, and the Cardoons seem to love that!  They are now flowering, that intense almost iridescent blue.   A joy to see on a dreich autumn day.